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Join fund manager Jeff Kohler during two weekly LIVE webinars to level-up your trading. Learn to see & trade the market through a new lens.

What is After Hours?

I created After Hours so traders of all skill levels can look right over my shoulder and learn how I find and trade stocks and decipher overall market sentiment.

LIVE Webinars & Private Chat
Join Jeff LIVE every Tuesday & Thursday at market close to review current market conditions and the trade setups he's watching. Ask your questions live and do your trade prep right next to Jeff.
Weekly Setups List
Thursday's focus is finding market opportunities by building a stock watchlist together. Learn firsthand how Jeff screens for stocks, manage trades and find setups in all market conditions.
"Jeff's service "After Hours" has been the best "No B.S." service I have subscribed to yet since I have started following the markets. True, I have made a little bit of money so far with his recommendations, but as cliché as it sounds, the educational factor of his lengthy daily videos has been far more valuable. This is stuff that would take years to learn from books, crammed into fun and actionable video recaps."

- Cooper C

Hedge fund manager & 20+ year veteran trader Jeff Kohler has seen it all. Every week he shares his insights and approach to finding & trading the most best setups he can find while dissecting the market.
One of the biggest mistakes traders fall into is being a 'lone wolf'.  Imagine how it would feel to be able to ask a seasoned vet your trading questions and get an immediate LIVE response?!
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"Jeff, I have learned more from you in a week of membership than in 6 months of active option trading and membership in Zacks, Street (Options Profits), Option Risk Management and Stock Winners. For the first time, I feel like I can actually “see” a trade without doing 9 hours of technical analysis that still leaves me undecided."

- Lanforce
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'Sentiment Indicators'
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Here's what you'll learn in this fresh look at an advanced topic:

The market is a mechanism to CREATE pain. How can the market make you act irrational?  (1:45)

How sentiment can be a better predictor of markets that indicators can.   (2:45)

The pulse dictating the market that I couldn't identify as an early trader that I'd wish I'd learned earlier.   (4:18)

The one chart that I STARED AT the first time I saw it.   (5:08)

The most opportune time to trade. (8:57)

Financial media - wasteland or resource?  (11:50)

One of my favorite sentiment resources . (15:28)

A second resource I use to gauge market sentiment.  (18:30)

The third resource to gauge Bullish/Bearish that can be use to inform buy/sell times  (24:38)

Advice for creating your personal sentiment dashboard and how to weight the information  (34:41)

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ONE TIME OFFER: Sentiment Indicators Training: Level-up your trading skills - learn 3 core ways you can gauge market sentiment and how your new understanding can give you a critical edge. All covered in this 35 minute video.

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